Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Manly Sport of Stock Car Racing revisited

Ah, the smell of exhaust fumes and he ear-drum spliting roar of big throty V-8 engines! It's only been a week this year, the time between Superbowl and the start of speedweeks. Some years, when I'm stuck wih basketball and hockey highlights and nothing else on multiple nights, I almost forwake sports entirely. But this year! Paradise! The Superbowl was last Sunday and the Bud Shootout the following Saturday night. Of course I never get to watch the Daytona 500 because I'm alway at Estrella hitting people on the head. Maybe I should Tvo it this year. However, Adam, Hanna's brother, is down there right now trying to get himself a ride in the ARCA division, which means I could be going to some ARCA races this year.

Intense ending to the race. Dale Junior caused a crash on the last lap and slid over the finishline in the infield. Tony Stewart won. Tony is a safe pick every week and for the championship. He's simply the best driver around. My pick to win the cup this year: Kevin Harvick. I don't know why, just a feeling. I'd ather it were Junior or Tony of Jeff Gordon, but I'm feeling good about Harvick this year for some reason.

Better yet, pitchers and cathers report this week.


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