Thursday, July 27, 2006

We're cutting edge!!

Guess what, campers? We are now once again cutting edge! That's right, manly men are back in style!

This morning the Today show ran a report on the rise of the "retrosexual." Of course, we all know that style and taste in America are dictated by Madison Avenue. Marketing creates taste cultures that create identity--all that crap. Well aparently the new tast culture is real men, those who won't eat quiche. There has been a backlash agaist the Metrosexual, and none of us really had the money, power and influence to be ubersexuals (apparently blogger can't create umlauts). But now a series of adds has heralded the return of manliness. In a number of adds, from body wash to burger king to those great "man law" adds from Miller Light, manliness is now chic.

Jeff Gordon out, Tony Stewart in.

Queer Eye out, Drew Carrey in.

Jude Law? dead!

Hugh Grant? dead!

Nidermeyer? Dead!!

Men are cutting edge once again! Time for me to publish my book!


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