Monday, April 10, 2006

Ten Things Every Man Should Have In His Closet.

We all know that Man’s preferred mode of dress is T-shirts and jeans and either work boots or tennis shoes, depending on the situation. If it gets warm men will switch to cut off jeans. When it gets cold men like sweatshirts (hoodies if in an urban setting) or Pendleton wool shirts.

That being said there are ten things every man from James Bond to Sonny Barger should have in his closet:

1. A black leather jacket. It can be walking leathers like you see everybody wearing in New York, or riding leathers like you see everybody wearing at Sturgis, but every man needs his leather.
2. A decent cowboy hat. It doesn’t have to be a Stetson. A soft felt Woorich hat will do just fine (only real cowboys will bother with that felt hat in winter, straw hat in summer thing: it’s kind of like only wearing white before labor day).
3. A well worn Carhart work coat.
4. A good pair of Redwings.
5. One really loud Hawaiian shirt.
6. A Levi jacket
7. A John Deere hat.
8. A pair of overalls, Dickies or Oshkosh (this is true even if the man doesn’t work outside. On hot days the man, no matter what his weight, will wear the overalls and nothing at all underneath them).
9. At least one piece of hunter safety orange.
10. The black funeral suit. Even if a man never sets foot in an office, he must have the one black suit to wear to weddings, school functions, court, and funerals (eventually his own).


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