Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Martha publishes recipes. So should I:

This was published in a snarky article on tailgating in Smart Money magazine. Waht Smart Money was doing covering tailgating I'm not sure. Apparently it is an old tailgating standard, but I've never heard of it. Since it was announced as "traditional" I doubt it's under copywrite:

Beer Can Chicken:
*fire up the webber grill.
*Take one whole chicken, cleaned.
*Pop a beer
*Drink about half the beer
*Stick the beer can up the chicken's ass (the authro used Fosters, which obviously caused a problem at this stage)
*Set the chicken top end up in the barbecue: if the lid won't close, remove the grill and set the chicken in the bottom of the grill with the coals spread round it but not touching it.
*Cook until juices flow clear when punctured. It comes out juicy and tasting of beer.

As an apetizer (fromt he same aticle) Take raw fresh shrimp. dip them in vinegar until they turn grey. Eat them.

And don't forget the beer.


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