Friday, June 22, 2007

The Fabulous Miss Joycee

The most fun girl on the planet is th fabulous Miss Joycee. There's just something about those blonde girls from Oregon. She's an interior designer and finishes painter from Sana Cruz who does extremely girly and very sassy work. She is everything Martha Stewart is not. That is to say, she's fun. Joycee is the person who taught me to be tacky at the right time--like putting a Venus de Milo wall paper mural in your bathroom. This is an important lesson for men. Men tend towards the tacky: blow up NFL chairs, dead animals on the wall, Larry the Cable Guy videos. But men all want to be James Bond. Sophisticated. Suave. Debonair. The two are hard to mix. Thats why Joycee, as girly as she is, is useful to men(well, it's far from the only reason: see Blondes from Oregon; Fun). She can set up a high class wine tasting party for a fiend and dress a dwarf who is coming to the party in Elizabethan drag. It's all the same to her because it is all fun, and Joycee personifies fun.


Blogger Joyce Haven said...

I'm so flattered I rated my own blog entry! While I may seem like just another girly-girl to you, and lesbian's-in-the-know do refer to me as "high femme", I actually love manliness and even try to indulge in it in my own small ways. I own and use my own cordless drill and saw set. Out of the 110 pairs of shoes I personally own a big chunk is dedicated to crepe soled nubuck Hush Puppies oxford's and lots of old men's dress shoes (Andrea was actually the one to point out my bent for manly shoes). I can drive a 16 penny nail in 3 strokes of a hammer, and I can use a chop saw and I've driven a fork lift, so there! I know I've surprised you in there somewhere. click click bang! Love ya Baby!

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