Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mike's Manly Vacation, Day 5

Walks in the desert can be manly or not, depending on the granola touchy feely factor. If you're out there to find wisdom like Carlos Casteneda you're not being manly enough. If you're out there to find wisdom like Billy Jack you're a man. Me, I was just out there. We were supposedly there to look at petroglyphs, which the women enjoyed a lot, but Grimes Point also offers a great view of the runway at Top Gun, so we watched the jets doing touch and goes, take off in tandem, and go through precision maneuvers like when four of them would circle in low in close formation and then peel off one at a time. This being a cow town we hit the livestock auction, but we didn't buy a cow. That night we ate at a Basque place at the Oveland Hotel. The rib eye was fantastic.


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